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Griddled peaches and Earl Grey ice cream

Griddled peaches and Earl Grey ice cream

This dish was inspired by last years Masterchef Australia, where I believe it featured in one of the invention tests. I liked the idea of combining sweet, warm toasted peaches with the subtle flavour of the Earl Grey ice cream. Granola provides some crunch to the dish with blueberries thrown in to add another pop of flavour.

The ice cream is not my creation as I’ve used an easy recipe from BBC Good Food. This uses ready made custard which is combined with an earl grey infused cream. Just make sure to give the tea bags a good squeeze when removing from the cream to extract maximum flavour. I don’t own an ice cream machine but the end result was still silky and smooth. One word of warning though, just make sure to remove the ice cream from the freezer a good hour before serving.

The recipe for the ice cream can be found in the link below;

Tea and biscuits ice cream

For the peaches, cut two in half and remove the stones. Brush all over with a little melted butter before placing on a hot griddle pan. Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side until caramelised.

Serve with granola or a buttery baked biscuit crumb of your choice. Scatter over some blueberries and serve.

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